Interview: Julian Hohn

Thanks to this year’s novelty in the Czech championship which is for the first time certificated by IWWF, we have witnessed a participation of international riders at our home races. And the very first race joined junior champion of Germany Julian Hohn. Julian is a fifteen-year old, unbelievable killer on wakeboard and extremely friendly guy.  We made a short interview with Julian after the race and prepared for you and this one where we learn something about Julian’s life. What is his motivation? How is it to combine life of a professional athlete and student?  And what is he doing in his spare time?

Hey Julian! We met you at czech championship in Straz pod Ralskem where you won cathegory under 15. Did you expect that when you came?

No I actually didn´t expect that I just came there and did the best I can.

When did you stay on wakeboard for the first time? Do you remember your feeling during first ride?

I was first riding a wakeboard in 2008. I was so happy that it worked that immedietly  fell down.


What was the first trick you learned?
The first trick I learned was a just a surface 180.

How is your opinion about today wakeboard scene?

I think the scene of wakeboarding changed completly. A few years ago it was all about air tricks now the most important thing is rails.

Was the czech national championship your first time in Czech republic?

It was the first contest I rode in czech republic but in the country itself i have been a few times alreay.

I know that you are German national champion and 4th in the world. That’s absolutely awesome! Will you try to go to Olympic games?

If wakeboarding is getting into the olympics I hope im able join them.

And when we started to speak about olympic games… what is your opinion that wakeboard will be part of olympics? Do you think that it is a possitive step for wakeboard or negative?

In my opinion it´s just another part of wakeboarding. there are those who are just going for free riding and those who love competitions. for the second ones it would be awesome if wakeboarding is going to olympics.


Tell us something about your private life! What are you studiig?

I think my life is kind of simple. It’s about my sports, like wakeboarding or freerunning, school, i’m doing the 10th class now, and hanging out with my friends.

How much time you give to wakeboard during the week? Is it hard to do PRO wakeboarding and studiing?
I spend much time at the cable, i think 3 to 6 days a week and sure sometimes its pretty hard to do both. Being a good wakeboarder and good at school is especially in big testweeks hard.

What about your classmate and friends? Are they supporting you?

My friends are just one of my biggest supporters i think.

What is your biggest drive what makes you go wakeboarding even if you are not in the mood?
It’s listening to music. It’s just the biggest motivation you can get if you listen to one of your favorite songs while your sitting at the cable.

What music do you prefer when you try to focus on something?
It depense. when im going to try a trick im listening to rock music but if i do something for school im listening to hip hop or rap music.


Do you do some other sport?
Yes I’m doing also some freerunning surfing and snowboarding.

And what about eating? Do you have some specail diet during the season?

Acctually no I’m just eating like every other kid in my age.

Which wakeparks around the world did you visit and which one was the best one?
I have been to many wakeparks but I think one of my favorite is my Homecable the “cable zossen” because there I can wakeboard with the support of my friends.

Your favorite trick?

My favorite trick is just a simple bel air bcause i think you can do it everywhere and its still a nice trick

And trick you are trying to pass right now?
One of the tricks im trying right now is the railey 540.


Do you have some special message for czech riders? 🙂

Yes. Stay doing this what you are doing! the czech republic is one of the countries where i have seen many motivated riders and that was just something that was motivating me again. so stay motivated and that kind of friendly! 🙂

Thanks a lot
Your welcome it was a pleasure for me doing this. I want to say a big thanks right here to Double Up, soöruz, and all my friends for the support they are giving me. 

Video from Czech National day of wakeboarding where René made a interview with Julian here: